How to Survive in Forest for 7 Days

Day 1:
I woke up in a forest, no idea how I got here or even who I am, although I do have this sickening feeling of Deja Vu. Feels like I’ve been through this before, it all seems both too familiar and utterly alien. One look at the Sun tells me that it’s an early afternoon, I better start building a shelter if I don’t want to spend the night unprotected. Who knows what lurks here in this dense forest.

I began by cutting down a tree and making myself some tools, most importantly a pickaxe, an axe and a sword which I then used to kill a pig that wandered nearby. I’m sure some food will come in handy soon. Using the axe I cut down several more trees and cleared out the area around me a bit. I clearly marked the exact spot where I woke up, it might come in handy in the future.

Several trees later, my wooden axe finally broke but at least I cleared out the immediate area and gained some resources. I heard some strange noise while hunting a pig short ways to the west. It seemed to be coming from the ground, perhaps I should investigate further. Not right now, though, first I need to gather some more resources. I currently have a need for some stone, I could use it to make stronger tools.

I found a lake to the South and some exposed rock to the North, also some more pigs and a sheep. Killing the sheep yielded some wool, but not enough to make anything useful from it. It was getting dark, so I quickly mined some rock and returned to the place I’ve decided to call my home where I built a makeshift shelter from some planks and sealed it with a wooden door. Let’s hope what whatever’s out there will leave me alone tonight.

As nighttime came, I quickly realized I was without any sort of fire or other light source, so I built a furnace from the rock I mined and created some charcoal which I then used to craft myself a few torches and cook the meat I gathered during the day. I also made a chest to put stuff I don’t want to haul around all day into. For dinner I ate some cooked pork chops, a little bland but they did satisfy my hunger. The torch I made also made the makeshift shack much more… homelike. I hope this light wards off any predators that might decide to come to my door.

Looking out into the dark forest I can see some movement but I dare not to venture outside to investigate. I just wait for the sun to rise so I may continue my work. Tomorrow I need to make some sort of a sleeping arragement, I don’t think I can go another night without sleep. I also need to gather some more resources, especially wood and stone, and some more meat to keep me going through the next few days so I can focus on building a bigger and more secure shelter.

I saw a weird, green creature not far from my home. It didn’t seem to be much interested in me or my shack, but I dared not approach it. It looked peaceful, but you can’t trust anyone or anything these days. Better safe than sorry. As daylight approached, I heard some groaning noises nearby, they scared me a little. Nothing living would make such horrible sounds.

Day 2:
I welcomed the sunrise like it was the first one I’d seen in a million years. All the fears from last night passed and I finally decided to leave my shack in search of resources. Immediately after I opened my door, that green thing came running straight to me, staring at me with its cold, dead eyes. I swung my sword at it and managed to hit it a few times, but it got too close and started to hiss and a moment later it exploded! I survived the explosion, only a few cuts and bruises, but there’s now a crater right in front of my shack. I’ll need to fix that right after I scout the area for more of these suicidal things.

No creepy exploding things, but I did manage to kill a zombie, a skeleton wielding a bow and some tall, black creature that seemed to not mind me at all until it noticed me looking at it. What was weird is that all those monsters burst into flames once the Sun’s rays hit them. That gave me some reassurance that I’m safe during the day.

More creepy noises underground to the West, I’m not yet ready to investigate. Gotta gather resources first.

I managed to kill a cow or two and some pigs, mined some more rock until my pickaxe broke and fixed a strangely broken tree that had part of its trunk missing. I suspect those tall black things to be to blame for this, I saw one carrying some wood the other night. I discovered that there’s a wide desert to the North, but it was already getting dark so I retreated back to my shack. I also managed to hunt down two more sheep and had enough woold to create a nice comfy bed for myself to sleep in from now on.

Later in the evening I cooked the beef and pork meat I gathered, made some stone tools which I assume are going to be more durable than wooden ones, had dinner and went to sleep. I slept like a log the whole night, undisturbed.

Day 3:
I started the day well rested, the bed I made was really worth the effort. Today’s agenda is exploration and food, bigger shelter will have to wait.

I killed some more of those green exploding things, two managed to creep up on me and explode, damaging the terrain. Creepers. Yeah, I think I’m going to call them that from now on. Killed some more pigs and cows, even a few chickens, got enough meat to last me through the week or maybe even more. I also explored a little bit, found some pumpkins. They already had faces carved into them, so I found them rather scary and decided not to touch them.

I found a different kind of trees nearby, with darker wood and needles, I cut them down and brought back some of their saplings as well. They might come in handy in the future.

I also found some sugar canes and seeds, I’m pretty sure I’ll find a use for those later.

More of those creepy noises coming from under the ground to the West. I’ll look into that some other time. I just hope it can wait, I wouldn’t want monsters to burst from the ground and storm my makeshift home.

It started to get dark again, so I went home and cooked the chicken, beef and pork meat I had before eating dinner and heading off to bed. But not before killing that annoying pig that hanged around my shack and oinked all the time. As I returned to my shack after slaughtering the noisy pig, I was ambushed by a giant spider. Thanks to the events of the past few days, I wasn’t terribly scared of it so I managed to quickly kill it.

Then it started raining so I went to bed.

Day 4:
I slept uneasy due to the heavy rain, my shack is not exactly waterproof or even very warm right now. I need to address that issue soon. But anyway, the morning was bright and the rain stopped moments after I got out of bed, the air smells nice and fresh. I have enough food for a week or two, but I’m running out of coal, I need to remedy that situation if I don’t want to end up having to use charcoal. It’s a pain to make and wastes valuable wood I’m going to need to build my home. Oh well, time to grab the pickaxe and go find some more coal.

No luck in finding coal today. I explored a wider area around my shack, picked some mushrooms, found and egg, and killed a few more pigs, cows, and chickens, but no coal anywhere. I did find a small vein up in the side of some mountain, but it was out of my reach. I also came across a cave in the ground and one in the side of a mountain, but I was too afraid to venture inside. The dark depths scare me, who knows what I might encounter down there.

It was getting dark so I ran back to my shack, managed to cook the meat I brought from this trip and kill a skeleton before going to sleep. Let’s hope that I’ll be more successful in finding coal tomorrow or else I might have to resort to making charcoal. A lot of trees would have to die for that.

Day 5:
I managed to find some exposed coal veins today, I now have enough of it to get me through the next few days, or maybe even weeks. Other than that, nothing to report. I did get a little lost, but thanks to the large lake with pumpkins I found my way home again quickly.

Using the cow hides I had, I made myself a pair of boots and some pants, I didn’t have enough to make a tunic though.

Tomorrow I need to start gathering resources for building a larger house. I’m going to need a lot of logs, I think I’ll use those pines to the South, a lot of stone, some sand and definitely some clay. I want to build a fireplace and what kind of a fireplace would it be if it wasn’t built out of bricks?

Day 6:
Today I went South to cut down the pine trees that grow there, their wood will make nice walls for my future home. I even managed to find some more coal nearby while working there. After I cleared out the immediate area, I replanted some trees back from the saplings I gathered by cutting the pines down. It was already getting dark fast, so I wrapped it up and went back home.

Back home, I’m about to start working on the blueprints to my dream house. I managed to create some paper from the sugar canes I harvested, so this should make it all easier.

I finished the blueprints, the amount of resources, especially stone, I’m going to need is ludicrous. Still, it will be nice to have a pretty house to sleep in for a change. I’ll need to ponder that. Right now, I’m tired and it’s way past my bedtime.

Day 7:
Today I intend to gather more resources and begin the smelting process to create enough stone and stone bricks for my project. I also need to locate some clay, I think I’ve seen bits of it in the water on the nearby beach.

I am currently holed up in a small cave I dug out in the side of a mountain. While trying to find some useful rock, I strayed far away from home and the night caught me while mining out the much needed stone. It already got dark so I didn’t want to risk wandering through the night and instead decided to spend the night here. Good news is that I have plenty of food, a torch and I managed to find some more coal.

I also found some ore in a dark cave, but I wasn’t too eager to go inside and mine it. I’m going to need more preparations for underground exploration and resource gathering, who knows what lurks down there.

To keep myself from getting bored and cold during the night, I spent some time mining out the rock in my makeshift cave shelter, but my last pickaxe broke halfway through the night. I have no way of making a new one, so I guess I’ll just try to catch at least a few moments of sleep. It’s not going to be easy as the floor is cold and rather rough here. I miss my bed. I hope sunrise comes soon so I can get out of here and back home.

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