Mobile offers as a trend in affiliate marketing

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The fact that many of our you are reading this email on the smartphones proves that mobile offers are right about to break through. The majority of users don’t want to waste time at home on making regular purchases (food, clothes and other necessary goods) so they put them off to the time when they are in public transport — when they are bored and they can do it.

Likewise, the advertisers don’t lag behind but design applications with additional deals and sales in order to motivate customers to buy more. This helps publishers to earn more by promoting not only online shops but also their applications.

Affiliate Marketing

Check out in our article to find out how to work with mobile offers and how to promote them.

How to promote mobile offers in affiliate networks

In the article we explain what KPI is and what you will get paid for, what you shouldn’t do to avoid being disconnected and which traffic sources work well with these offers.

Earning on YouTube

Video blogs are a source of high conversion. Mobile offers are also promoted really well through videos as a user can see the application from the inside (what he may not be able to see before purchasing it). Check the article to find out how to promote through YouTube.

If you have just entered the CPA world and you are not sure how to start earning, check our introducing article “Affiliate network for beginners: what it is and how to earn through it” or the infographic.

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