Keep your system up to date

[Keep your system upto date]
$ sudo pacman -Syu

[Setup locales]

[User pacaur]
$ sudo pacman -S pacaur

[Install X Window System]
$ pacaur -S xorg xorg-server

[Install X Window System]
$ pacaur -S gdm

[Start & Enable GDM Display Manager]
$ sudo systemctl start gdm.service
$ sudo systemctl enable gdm.service

[Install the wireless tools]
$ pacaur -S wireless_tools

[Install the networkmanager]
$ pacaur -S networkmanager

[Install the network-manager-applet aka nm-applet]
$ pacaur -S network-manager-applet

[Start and Make the networkmanager start on boot]
$ sudo systemctl start NetworkManager.service
$ sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager.service

[Install rofi and drun]
$ pacaur -S rofi drun

$ pacaur -S franz spotify

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