For Sale: 5 y/o Passive SaaS Business Netting $33,000 Annual Profit


  • Price and Product Tracking SaaS Business for Grocery Stores
  • Fully Automated: 15 Minutes of Work per Week to Operate
  • Averaging $3,268 Monthly Revenue and $2,809 Monthly Profit

Business Model
Founded in January 2013 Grocery Cop is an Australian grocery comparison website. The client-facing website allows customers to track, compare and shop for products sold online by Australia’s two major supermarket chains, Coles and Woolworths. The data generated from this activity is captured and synthesized into reports which can be sold to sold to banks or hedge funds, to assist with forecasting market movements and inflation, or to brands looking to enter a particular FMGC vertical.

Over the trailing twelve months, the business has generated $39,215 in revenue and $33,704 in profit, boasting an excellent profit margin of 86%.

The business is completely automated, with the tasks broken down between manually checking reports (10 minutes per week) and checking the status of daily automatic updates (1 minute per day).

Listing Information
Asking Price: $80,000 USD Pty Ltd
48 Cambridge St
Melbourne, VIC 3054